When I was little, every summer, we used to go to a village 2 hours away from Tehran, in the middle of mountains called "Varangeh Rood". That place is heaven; Green, lots of birds, trees, rivers ... The sound of rivers is so present there, that no matter where you go, you will hear it. It is so calming, sp peaceful... It reminds you that no matter what, life will go on. I recorded this last time I was there.

Train Operator New York

Sometimes when you are super tired, the simplest things in the world can make you laugh. I love this operators energy. I love the tone of his voice. He announced every single station with the same passion, warned us about the closing doors, told us about connection trains... and i laughed every time he spoke, don't ask me why. I was tiered! Maybe this is how i hear the world when i am tiered? So it may not be here you know?!

Train Interior Violinist

New York never sleeps. I was sitting in a train, someone walked in and started playing music, the person next to me had a list of stuff to deliver among which was a bucket of Baby's breath, another guy next to me was a homeless guy reading news paper ... and then we got to next station, door opens, the musician inside the train packs up to leave, but there is another one playing outside in the station, and the sound of his music takes over the train. New York never sleeps.